Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Intake, angry moving

So I'm about to go to intake at Greater Philadelphia Health Action (http://www.gphainc.org/). They offer sliding mental health services, so I'm going to go get some of that. I had said, when Amanda called off the wedding, that I would seek counseling regardless if we stayed together or not. I said it and I meant it, so it's off to the races. Maybe I can sort out some of my bullshit, maybe I can grow as a person, or maybe most counseling is just paying for a friend who gives you advice with no accountability. I guess I'll see.

I've begun moving my stuff in and it's pissing me off.

I had all these things, which I was told I wouldn't need again, that I need to now replace. Things like cleaner, a shower caddy, plates, bowls, just the shit you need to live. I'm really pissed off about it.

Broken promises not withstanding, I should have just kept it all, should have moved it with me, it would have been the intelligent and prudent thing to do.

I'm just glad I didn't quit my job like she suggested, that would have been a cluster fuck.


  1. Wait, you did quit your job.

  2. @Anonymous From Facebook. I didn't quit, didn't get fired either. It was just not working out. I would have had reduced hours and more responsibility. So that's that

  3. I still have a whole set of dishes at my mom's house, let me know what you need.