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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Faerie, Friends, Letterpress, Work

So I've been working since 7 and will be working until 8 or 9 tonight. It feels pretty good to have your day all laid out in front of you.

I'm supposed to see Aimee at some point today to pick up keys so I can organize type while she's away for the holidays, I'm pretty stoked about it. With all the free time I have it will be great to have something to do, great to help someone out, and most importantly, it will K-rad to just get to handle all of that type.

I keep meeting letterpress people in the most unusual places. Like at 3:30 AM on my way out of a party Saturday morning. I met another person at the punk rock flea market and ran into her the very next day at the Rocket Cat. She has now been to the shop and is on board for helping.

I'm worried about some of my friends. A few of them are in bad shape but, in at least one case, there's reason for hope. It's winter after all, time for changes.

Happy belated solstice. May the Fae watch over you in this new year but, not so close that they interfere. The Folk are known for their mischief so, just be mindful and leave out gifts. (rhyming by accident)

Have a great day and a great year everyone 

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