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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've been really busy being unemployed

I was going to write a blog thanking folks and including my hopes for the new year. That didn't happen at all; I got too busy. Here's what's been going on.

I started my crew training on the Kalmar Nyckel, which has been awesome so far. 2 classes down, 9 to go. It's going to be awesome when I can actually go out and sail her but, right now it's mostly knots and safety drills. Knots are pretty fun except I have sometimes work the standing end instead of the bitter end and it gets a little funky. It's a left/right recognition thing. I'll get it soon. Also there is an entire letterpress shop taking the classes and they have been doing projects related to the class. Check them out here.

I've been going around and meeting older printers that used to do letterpress and still do litho. Just kind of talking with them. It's been pretty fun and sometimes maudlin but, it's given me a direction. I'm moving to start a non-profit to address some stuff. I'll post about it later today or tomorrow.

I have also acquired, as of yesterday and thanks to Geoff Kershaw's war wagon, my first press and a mess of wood type. Here are the pics
Showcard press the bed is 23" x 15" the ink plate still turns. I need to replace the ink rollers. The pull is stuck. one of the wheels is in bad shape but, it shouldn't be hard to fix.

Quions and key, Brayer, a proof planer, and a sweet California Job Case chart. Not pictured is 2 chases and a brush for all the...

TYPE!!! look at all of this.
Some of this is rotten or wormy but most has just been dirty. I originally though I had a about 600 pieces but, it's looking to be closer to 900. The biggest stuff so far is 18 line and the smallest is l.c. for a sans font at about 5. So stoked. Cleaning is time consuming but, so awesome. it's really nice to handle all of this.

I got all of this from a dealer in camden. He's got so much other stuff, warehouses full, if you want the info let me know in the comments or call or email me if you know me like that.

I also got 10 13x13" trays of lead. I haven't even picked them up yet. They are sitting at my folks and I should be getting them tomorrow.

Also, thanks to Geoff again, I have 70 lbs of litho ink coming my way with the possibility of more.

So the shop is almost ready. For printing I need wood and lead furniture and quads for my lead. I also need a freaking table the press will fit on and my type drawers will fit under. Also some shelving.

Printing should start in a week or so. Geoff's coming by on saturday night and we are going to make a evening of getting the press in ship shape. Thanks if you read all of this, i'm so excited :)

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