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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So this is pretty new to me

 So I am finishing up migrating my life on the tubes. Slowly things are getting back to "normal" for me, except that I have a mess of new interests!

1. I'm going to be learning letterpress printing beginning next month. A friend of a friend is opening a shop in Port Richmond and is going to show me what's up in exchange for labor.

2. I begin volunteering on the on Friday. It's a tall ship at port in Wilmington DE in the winter months. They have a crew training program that begins in January and goes for 12 Saturdays 

3. I began taking yoga and, surprisingly, I love it!

4. last but not least I met two wonderful women on Monday who, after hearing about some of my recent trials and tribulations, suggested I start a blog. As you all can see, I'm doing just that. I'll link to there blogs in the comments once I look them up.

If you want to hear about any of the things I wrote above, or my life generally, stay tuned

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  1. hey there!! congratulations on ze blog, see ya 'round there mister!

    awesome craft fair coming up!! :